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Every wine is the fruit of a terroir, a climate and a man. To produce our Vouvray wines, we combine our family know-how with the vagaries of the Touraine climate, adapting our practices to the variety of our terroirs.

AOC Vouvray

Vouvray Sec

Lively and youthfully handsome. Here, the spirit of the terroir emanates minerality mixed with a subtle note of lemon, followed by a touch of grapefruit bitterness on the finish for a carefree length of freshness. You’d almost think the sea was right next door, so we’ll allow ourselves a few shellfish to accompany it.

Vouvray Demi-sec

The liveliness of the wine’s color makes you long for an encounter with the sweetness of its aromas. A fusion is created, forming a beautiful roundness, and this full-bodied, slender happiness is a perfect match for the Touraine charcuterie.

Sweet Vouvray

Sweetness finds its way into the aromatic palette of this rich wine, the Loire is not far away and the substance is present. The potential of flavors deftly develops into a beautiful complexity that allows itself to play between the aromas of white and exotic fruits, and the resources of the subsoil. Try with goat’s cheese on farmhouse bread.

Autumn Selection

This exceptional cuvée is made from a selection of grapes affected by “noble rot”. The harmony is achieved in a concentrate of warmth jammy with overripe fruit, worked on the freshness provided by the Loire white grape variety, Chenin. To be enjoyed for the pleasure of rarity, and for the pleasure of indulgence.

AOC Fines bulles

Traditional Method

Brut & Demi-sec

A lovely strand of long, fine bubbles. In tune with the times, its fresh, invigorating character makes it easy to enjoy!

Cuvée Privilège

After ageing for at least 48 months, it’s finally time to savour it to the full! Its point of balance lies in its sunny maturity on the horizon of a summer evening. Luscious aromas rise tenderly in the mouth and the chatter of bubbles gives us sparkling ideas.

Our other vintages

Touraine rosé - Traditional method

Its fresh bubbles combine lightness with good substance. Deliciously smooth and beautifully colored, spicy and fruity to perfection, this rosé is the complexity of a blend of different grape varieties, a generous terroir and tailor-made vinification. Between brut and demi-sec, it is seductive in its youth.

Touraine rosé - the inductee

It’s the rosé of friends. Fresh and fruity, made from a subtle blend of Loire grape varieties, it’s the perfect companion for lunches with friends and summer barbecues. Obtained by cold fermentation, it offers a beautiful aromatic palette, with slightly peppery notes on the finish. L’intronisé is sunshine and conviviality in a bottle.


Sparkling grape juice (alcohol-free)

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